Rabadaba scoffes at Full Figure

Singer Rabadaba real names Faisal Seguya has advised presidential Advisor Full Figure to stop lamenting on his family issues.

Rabadaba’s tirade stems from Full Figure’s assertions about the former’s just concluded introduction ceremony with Nalongo Maggie, the late AK47’s widow.

Full Figure came out and said Rabadaba is the one who pushed for the relationship because the woman has a lot of money and that’s the reason why Rabadaba accepted to get married.

Full Figure said another reason that is making Rabadaba get married is getting a visa to go and settle in the UK

During an interview with BTM Television, ‘Muchamu, hit maker replied Full Figure telling her to get the f*k of his family and mind her own business and that of her family.

“Full Figure get the fuck out of my family, you have no say go mind your business and that of your family.” Rabadaba said.

He went a ahead and said illiteracy is the biggest problem that disturbs Full Figure. According to Rabadaba Full Figure can’t construct a sentence in English and that’s the reason why he will not give him an ear to listen to her nosense.

Rabadaba said he comes from a very rich family and he is also rich and on top of that he is highly educated which means he is able to look after his family and has brains to business.

Rabadaba said all those speaking negative of his family are just empty tins making noise without brains.

Written by Aine Siggy

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