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Video: Emotional Eddie Mutwe narrates scary prison experience

National Unity Platform cadre and Bobi Wine’s personal bodyguard Edward Ssebuwufu commonly known as Eddie Mutwe has narrated the tramautic orderal he and colleagues went through while in Kitalya prisons.

He made the startling reveletions while appearing on an interview with NBS Television.

Eddie Mutwe, Nubian Li and other 49 were arrested in December 2020 during the presidential election campaign.
Since then, they have been rotting in jail as they’ve been denied bail on several occasions.

A visibly emotional Mutwe broke down will he narrated the Kitalya Prison experience.

According to Eddie Mutwe, he and colleagues were humiliated psychologically and tortured.

Mutwe said they were tortured and stripped naked the first day they entered prison and often quizzed to reveal Bobiwine’s secrets and plans.

Eddie Mutwe added the food, sleeping and healthy departments in prison were in terrible state.

“We have gone through a lot while in prison. I will never forget the day a police man told me to remove my clothes, a boxer and pushed me to the corner. On top of that the food we have been eating and the way we have been sleeping were in the worst state.” Eddie Mutwe said.

Eddie Mutwe said what compounded his misery was losing his grand father and he was denied permission to attend burial. The other painful experience was his wife giving birth in his absence.

“I lost my grand father and I was not granted permission to go and burry him on top of that my wife gave birth in my absence. This is something that has been hurting me and making me feel emotional while in kitalya.” Eddie Mutwe said.

Eddie Mutwe however said he was strong at some point because he knew he had not committed any crime.

Written by Aine Siggy

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