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Jealousy keeping Ugandan music behind – Lydia Jazmine

Singer Lydia Nabawanuka commonly known as Lydia Jazmine has explained why Uganda’s entertainment industry is still lagging behind.
She has said fellow musicians are jealousy and lack unity among themselves.

According to Jazmine, the entertainment industry would be on big strides and highly respected if artists were willing to unite and come together to fight for one goal. But the problem is that no one is willing and on top of that they are jealousy for one another.

“The entertainment industry is one of he sectors in Uganda that is capable of making a lot of money but the only problem is that we are not united. Fellow artists are so jealousy of one another. They cant stand seeing their fellow succeed.” Jazmine said.

‘Feeling’ hit maker said she has always observed artists from other countries that are growing so fast like Nigerians united and pushing one another but its near impossible in Uganda.

Jazmine said she is not expecting Uganda’s music industry growing so fast because she has seen big artists try to put down rising talented artists instead if pushing them for the better.

She called on fellow artists to have a healthy competition that will make both of them earn from the industry and push them to the whole of Africa and outside Africa.

Written by Aine Siggy

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