Shocking !! Man Kills And Eats Mother’s Body Parts

If you thought you had seen it all, then relax because the world is full of some of the most bizarre things you will ever see.

Court in Spain yesterday sentenced a man to just 15 years and five months in prison for killing and eating body parts of his mother.

The convicted Alberto Sanchez Gomez according to a statement from the Madrid provincial court in 2019 killed his mother Maria Soledad Gomez.

He then dissected her body parts and ate them over a period of 15 days feeding some to his dog.

Sanchez who is 28 now was 26 years by then and was arrested in February 2019 and his trial began in April.

15 years were handed to him as a murder sentence while the five months are for desecration of the corpse.

Court rejected Sanchez’s defense in which he said he was mentally unwell by the time of the crime.

He was ordered to further pay $73,000 to his brother as compensation.

It’s said Sanchez strangled his mother to death. He then cut her body to pieces using a carpenter’s saw and two kitchen knives.

He proceeded to keep some of the pieces in the freezer and discarded the rest to the trash bags.

Sanchez had been violent to his mother during her life stay and had even got a standing order against her.

He even got himself a nickname as the cannibal of Las Ventas in the the local media.

Written by Aine Siggy

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