Stop Thinking Educated People Are Automatically Intelligent- Irene Ntale

Songstress Irene Ntale has taken to her Twitter page to express her disappointment in people who stereotype others.

The singer posted telling people to stop the habit of classifying people who are studied as intelligent.

It’s one thing to be educated and another to be intelligent. These are two different aspects according to the former Swangz Avenue protege.

This is a sentiment that has been echoed by many other people who think the level of education does not determine someone’s intelligence.

“Why do people think someone with a great english speaking accent is automatically ‘smart’ ?” Ntale wondered on her Twitter page.

Many people have gone ahead to prove that although education is important, its not the sole determinant of intelligence and success in life.

She went ahead to engage her followers on the topic.

“They are actually smart.” One user said to which the Sembera asked whether they were smart because they speak good English with an accent.

“Because language is another form of expressing intelligence just like math…art….and music!!”.” Another added and the singer asked whether all Brits, Canadians, Americans who speak English are intelligent.

The singer clearly doesn’t think English should be a bar used to measure intelligence.

Written by Aine Siggy

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