Am Soon Getting Discharged- Evelyn Lagu Provides Health Update

Singer Evelyn Lagu has come out to give an update about her health status. The singer flew out recently to get advanced medical attention from Turkey.

The Sikyatya singer had been ill for sometime for from kidney failure a thing that required specialised treatment from abroad.

She however lacked the necessary funds to foot the bill since it was over shs 300millions. She was rescued by well wishers who helped in the fundraising that was done through music concerts, corporate dinners and carwashes.

She eventually raised the money and travelled alongside her manager and the donator of the kidney.

“I have been here for some days now and am slated to go back for another dialysis on Friday because I did one on Tuesday. A dialysis does what exactly a kidney should be doing as it’s an artificial process. Am feeling much better and very soon I will be discharged.” Lagu said.

The singer made this revelation in an interview with Spark TV. She also addressed about how she managed to get a kidney.

This was after her son who had volunteered to help out his mother Lagu was stopped by the father who isn’t on good terms with the singer.

“62 people showed up to help me in getting a kidney. However the process of screening each one of them was very expensive costing over shs 3m per person. I luckily got a born again Christian girl who volunteered to donate her kidney to me free of charge. She did all that expecting nothing in return just because of the love of God.” Lagu added.

The singer was on the verge of death after being bedridden for quite sometime due to the lack of proper healthcare owing to financial constraints.

However, she was rescued by Balaam who footed her bills at Nakaseero hospital saying it was president Museveni who paid them.

This help was only momentous as she got worse after being discharged and had to be helped out by well-wishers.

Written by Aine Siggy

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