I Almost Committed Suicide- Singer Kemi Sera Narrates

Former Kream Production singer Kemirembe Sera aka Kemi Sera has come out to narrate how she went through a tough time after leaving the band under Haruna Mubiru.

The singer said that for starters she joined the band after hearing adverts on radio of Haruna looking for singers.

Having disappointed her parents by getting pregnant at school, she had decided to run away from home and get a job in a supermarket.

However the job wasn’t paying well only earning shs 35,000 monthly.

She therefore auditioned with Haruna Mubiru and luckily was selected together with three other girls.

She would go on to later develop an intimate relationship with the Kifansalira singer.

This relationship however did not last and was ended bitterly. Kemi Sera talking about it said she could not get back with the singer.

“I cannot get back with Haruna Mubiru, that ship has sailed. My biggest regret is that he put me at the top and he’s the same very person who brought me down. I forgave him how because he game me the opportunity to hold the mic and be known,” she said.

The ‘Akagato’ singer added that her mental health detoriated following the clashes with her boss/boyfriend.

She had to switch off her phone for a period of three months just to be alone.

She however later called her friend and fellow singer Mary Bata who came to her rescue and took her in.

Sera also said she tried to make things work while she was with Haruna but failed.

“I used to get threats when I was with Haruna Mubiru and I tried to make the relationship work but it failed. Things got tough last year when I could not afford rent, my music came to a halt and I didn’t know where to turn to. I went back to the village,” the singer added.

She said that she’s trying to make a comeback and has a song with Mary Bata produced by daddy Andre.

She hopes this will finally get her back on track of her music career.

Written by Aine Siggy

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