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Kabako distances Jeff Kiwa from his land wrangles

Singer Senabulya Yusuf commonly known by his stage name Roden Y Kabako has distanced his manager Jeff Kiwa from his Busabala land wrangles.

This came after Kabako faced land grabbers on his ‘land’ that he says was sold to his by his manager Jeff Kiwa.

However, people have been bothered saying if the land was sold to him by Jeff Kiwa, why can’t he come out and fight for Kabako’s land. People went ahead and said maybe he betrayed Kabako, went through his back and sold his land without knowledge.

Kabako replied them sayibg Jeff has nothing to do with his land, he is instead fighting to see he gets back his land by finding lawyers to take on that case.

“Stop involving Jeff Kiwa in my land wrangles. He has nothing to do with my land. I trust and believe in him. He can’t sell me land that is genuine. In fact he is fighting with me to get back my land and he has employed lawyers to take on the case.” Kabako said during an interview with Spark Television

Kabako said he has been with Jeff Kiwa since the beginning of his music career and he has achieved everything because of Jeff Kiwa.

Team No Sleep singer said Jeff Kiwa is not a camera person and that should not make people think that he does not care about his artists.

Kabako assured his fans that he will get his land fully and he will continue to expose everyone that will try to tamper with the little things he has achieved from his sweat.

Written by Aine Siggy

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