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Mathias Walukaga calls on Nubian Li to join him on a prison song

Musician Mathias Walukaga has called on fellow Fire base singer Nubian Li to join him and they do a prison song.

He made the request during an interview with Spark Television.

Walukuga was also once in prison for family issues but he said life wasn’t easy at all. Even after that period he composed a song about what he went through in prison.

However, he said people go through different experiences and that’s why he wants Nubian Li to join him and they narrate their experiences in one song.

“I want Nubian Li to join me and we sing about this prison experience. I had him narrate his story and I know it too because I went through it at one time. I know we all have different experiences that’s why I want him to come and we put our experiences in one song.” Mathias Walukaga said.

Walukaga said Nubian Li is very talented, if he accepts to do that song together it will go viral and every one will know how Ugandan prisons treat people.

Nubian Li was imprisoned with other 49 National Unity Platform accusing them of being armed with guns and it was said they found them with four bullets.

They spent 6 months in Kitalya prisons because they were taken in December last year 2020 during Bobi Wine’s election campaigns.

Written by Aine Siggy

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