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NUP people are witches – Kato Lubwama

Former Rubaga South Member of Parliament Kato Lubwama has attacked National Unity Platform people led by Hon Robert Kyagulnyi commonly known as Bobi Wine saying they are witches.

He made the statement during an interview with Spark Television.

This is not the first time Kato Lubwama attacks NUP people. He has been saying they are poor people trying to earn a living. He went ahead and said they are not educated.

But for this time he went beyond calling them witches. According to Kato Lubwama NUP people don’t care about others. They only pretend to be caring but in actual sense they only mind about their stomachs and those of their families like witches.

“NUP people are witches. We don’t expect them to do anything good. They pretend to care about Ugandans yet they only care about their families and stomachs.” Kato Lubwama.

Kato Lubwama said NUP will stand for a very short time because people that run it are illiterate and witches.

Out spoken Lubwama said if any NUP person dare talk about him, he will only slap them because after all they are never sober.

Written by Aine Siggy

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