Am So Glad I Can Smell My Own Fart Again- Lucky Mbabazi

Capital FM Morning Breakfast show presenter Lucky Mbabazi has taken to Twitter to exclaim her excitement at being able to smell her own fart again.

The curvaceous presenter a few weeks ago contracted and fell ill to the deadly covid 19 flu.

Lucky tearily came out in a video to share her experience of having to undergo the disease.

She told of how she had lost her sense of smell and taste.

She added on how she had to separate and isolate from her children and husband for the time she was sick a thing that tortured her emotionally.

She however said she was on the road to recovery and advised her followers to stay safe.

Lucky now took to her Twitter page to tell her fans how she had smelt her won fart having not had done so for a period of three weeks.

She said that the revelation might be disgusting to some but to a covid 19 victim, it’s such a wonderful feeling.

“I just smelt my fart for the first time in 3 weeks. You see for a normal person this sounds disgusting right, but for someone who has just recovered from covid19 and couldn’t smell anything at all,this is a beautiful moment.” Lucky tweeted.

The presenter falls among a number of celebrities who have contracted the fatal flu.

Some of these celebrities include musicians Irene Ntale, Bebe Cool, Ykee Benda among others.

Luckily all of these have been able to recover and nobody so far in the celebrity world has succumbed to it.

Written by Aine Siggy

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