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Raga Dee denies embezzling promoter’s money

Legendary singer Kazibwe Daniel known by his stage name Raga Dee has denied joining some events promoters to embezzle money from Salim Saleh.

He said this during an interview with NBS Television.

When Gen Salim Saleh decided to bail out promoters who had made losses in the first Covid19 lockdown of March 2020, it is said that the money didn’t reach the right people. Few promoters and other people Raga Dee inclusive took the money.

However, Raga Dee said he was in that meeting that passed the money to be given to promoters but after that meeting he didn’t follow up or engage himself in what went on. He said everyone adding him in those that ate the money should remove him.

“Everyone should know that I didn’t eat promoter’s money. The truth is that I was in the meeting that passed money to be given to promoters but after that I don’t know what came after. I hear people saying I am among those that ook the money. It’s a lie and they should stop it.” Raga Dee said.

Raga Dee said he is rich enough he can’t take money for upcoming struggling people in the entertainment industry because he has sang for more than 20 years and made much money out of it.

He said his only struggle now is to see young artists also make money out of music like he did and become successful.

Written by Aine Siggy

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