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Stop being naive – James Propa advises Kabako

Entertainment analyst James Propa has advised singer Ssenabulya Yusuf commonly known as Kabako to stop naïve just because he didn’t have enough education.

He advised him through an entertainment show on Spark Television.

This came after Kabako hit the media with Busabala land issues saying someone is trying to take away his land that was bought for him by his manager Jeff Kiwa.

James Propa said its really a shame that Kabako is still that behind that his mager Jeff Kiwa is the one that buys for him land yet he is married with children and the wife looks to be a bit educated.

Propa advised Kabako to stop saying he is not educated and join the current world and move with it. The first mistake he did was to trust Jeff Kiwa to buy him land yet he is a live and in good conditions to move and look for himself land to buy.

“Kabako should stop being naïve and move with us in the current world. He should stop saying he is not educated and therefore he is using his manager to do his personal things. He has a fairly educated wife and children he should use those to do his things.” James Propa said.

James Propa went ahead and blamed Kabako for what has happened to him on Busabala land saying it was not proper for a person like him to go and exchange words with the natives if he knows he really bought the land.

However, James Propa said the land might truly belong to Kabako but the fact that he doesn’t have proper papers might make him that land and it should be a lesson to all musicians because most of them are not educated like Kabako.

Written by Aine Siggy

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