Work Hard And Stop Depending On Women- Kasuku To Gym Goers

Dembe FM presenter Isaac Katende popularly known as Kasuku has come out to hit at men who spend lots of time under the bar gyming inorder to attract sugar mummies.

Kasuku was addressing the issue of Rabadaba getting married to Nalongo Maggie who many have said married the Mukyamu singer.

After being hit at by critics, Rabadaba came out in a rant and advised those who call him broke to know that he’s been living in Muyenga a rich man’s suburbs for 8 years.

He added that he just shifted to Munyonyo because of his marriage to Maggie.

Kasuku said that despite having no problem against Rabadaba’s marriage, he had a problem with young men from Munyonyo who spend countless hours in the gym.

He said these are broke fellas who’s only motto is to hit the gym, build muscle and then attract women especially mature ones whom they depend on.

“I have a problem with those boys from Munyonyo whose only job is gyming. You will never see them at work during day, they only surface at night wearing tight cloths to expose muscle and attract women. You will be humiliated by women if you don’t work for your own money.” Kasuku said while appearing on his Talk and talk show.

He added that he was at one time called shapeless by a gymer at Speke Apartments where he used to go for Zumba classes.

Kasuku said that he did not care about his shapeless body as long as he had money unlike the gym goers.

He’s argument was further supported by his co-host Eddie Sendi who said that their only talk is sex chat.

They however added that they had no problem with people who gym for health and fitness purposes and also work for their own money.

This is not the first time gym goers are hit at by people for failure of working and only depending on mature women.

Written by Aine Siggy

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