It Won’t End In Tears- Lwasa’s Wife Assures Critics

Emmanuel Lwasa’s new wife Kwakunda Angel has been in the spotlight for the past few months due to her marriage to the Masaka tycoon.

It should be noted that Lwasa had been in a relationship with BBS TV presenter Diana Nabatanzi prior to marrying Angel.

Lwasa’s breakup with Nabatanzi was much publicized and continues to make headlines up to now.

This can be attributed to Lwasa who won’t let the once upon a time romance die out.

He has used every opportunity availed to him to throw rotten egges at Nabatanzi.

He accuses her of chewing his money minus giving him anything tangible results.

Lwasa who recently glamorously celebrated his wife’s birthday continued to take another swipe at the sexy presenter saying her class lowered ever since they broke up.

He even went to liken her clothes to his house curtains. This is because he used to take her to Dubai for shopping but now she has nobody to take her.

Nabatanzi has however remained quite despite these numerous provocations from the tycoon.

Now Angel who replaced Nabatanzi has come out to assure critics that her relationship with Lwasa is here to say and not to collapse.

“I want to assure all those who say that it will end in tears to relax. I’m here to stay, I love my man and I will be with him no matter what so they should just relax and continue hating.” Angel said in an interview with Spark TV’s live wire program.

She further added that those saying she should give birth should just calm down and not worry for them.

“Did he bring me home just to get pregnant? They should just let us be. We are still chopping money. Everything has it’s rightful time.” Angel further added.

However, Lwasa is a known city sharp shooter who has terrorised a number of babes including celebrities such as Desire Luzinda.

It’s not known whether he will finally settle down with Angel or he will soon changer her too.

Written by Aine Siggy

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