Use Social Media To Fight Injustices In Your Areas- Lucky Mbabazi Calls Upon Listeners

Capital FM Morning Breakfast show presenter Lucky Mbabazi has come out to call upon her listeners and other social media users to use their platforms to fight injustices in their communities.

The presenter was making the remarks in regards to the police officer who was yesterday arrested for using a police van as a taxi.

This police officer who was identified as Sgt Christopher Opio was arrested in Kole district enroute to his home.

This came after a video of him soliciting for money from people who were stranded due to lack of transport means went viral on social media.

In the video people are seen boarding the van and the ladies who recorded it go ahead to tell how these people are boarding it with money in their hands.

This police officer did this act which violated presidential guidelines on the spread of covid 19 which barred vehicles transporting people.

Now Lucky has gone ahead to remind people that this is the power of social media.

“We are in an age where you can use you phone to create a social impact in your community. Take an example of this police officer, he was recorded and police tracked him and arrested him. Therefore if you see any injustice, record it and put it on social media. You never know what happens next.” Lucky said on capital FM.

This is not the first time that social media has helped to curb and nail down criminals.

Globally, social media has helped to ton down the number of crimes that would otherwise not have surfaced due to lack of evidence.

Written by Aine Siggy

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