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Hon. Peter Ssematimba is satanic – Hon Miria Matembe

Former Member of Parliament and lawyer Hon Miria Matembe has revealed that Pastor Peter Ssematimba is satanic.

This came after a house maid known as Joan came out and accused him of sexually harassing her, getting her pregnant and denying to look after her and the baby girl she gave birth to and now denying her access to her daughter.

During an interview with NBS Television, Hon Miria Matembe said Pastor Peter Sematimba is satanic and honorless. She said getting a someone’s daughter pregnant while having a wife and denying to look after her immediately shows he doesn’t deserve any respect.

Outspoken Miria Matembe said no one should call Peter Ssematimba a pastor any more because he is a false one full of sins and bad behavior.

“Hon Peter Ssematimba is satanic I think I don’t even need to call him honorable because he doesn’t deserve it. Getting a maid pregnant and failing to look after her and the child shows a lot. I request all born-agains to stop calling him a pastor because he is not.” Miria Matembe said.

Ssematimba’s maid said she is not the only woman Peter Ssematimba has been sleeping with besides his wife. She said he brings different women every day in fact he never brings fellow men at his home.

This is what Hon Miria Matembe based on and requested NBS Television to help Joan and get her a lawyer so that she accesses her daughter because satanic Peter Sematimba with his behavior cant manage to look after the little girl.

Written by Aine Siggy

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