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Lucky Mbabazi on how to reach climax during sex

Media personality Lucky Mbabazi has come out and advised fellow women on how to get to the climax during sex.

Lucky Mbabazi has been lecturing women on how to treat their men both bed time and family time.

On this episode, lucky Mbabazi lectured women on how to get to the climax while having sex.

Lucky Mbabazi told women that being on top is always better and it will make them get to the climax.

“Women discover your bodies, there’re positions that are easy for a woman to get to Halleluya, try being on top because when you’re on top u have full control of your body, you have full control of the moment and when your in control, its very easy for u to find the spot, the G-spot that makes u cum.” Lucky Mbabazi said.

Lucky Mbabazi said even if you are heavy weight don’t hesitate going on top do it because it’s for your own benefit.

Written by Aine Siggy

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