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Catherine Kusasira sides with Peter Sematimba on pregnanting house girl

Presidential advisor and Musician Catherine Kusasira has sided with former Busiro South Member of Parliament Peter Sematimba on getting his house girl known as Joan pregnant.

This came after Peter’s house girl came out and accused him of sleeping with her and making her pregnant on top of that now wanting to have full custody of the 10 year old child.

Catherine Kusasira said she also a woman like others and having an affair with her was not by force she was willing.

Kusasira said no one is supposed to criticize Peter Sematimba for what he did because he didn’t do it on an animal he didn’t on a fellow human being. She said many men sleep with house aids but they are not disclosed to the public.

“Peter Ssematimba didn’t do anything bad, he slept with a maid who is a wife and was willing and the good thing he didn’t deny the child and has been looking that child. Very many men sleep with maids but they are not disclosed to the public” Catherine Kusasira said.

Song stress Kusasira however requested Sematimba to allow the lady to see her daughter when she wants too.

Written by Aine Siggy

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