Could The Lockdown Be Set To Run For More Than The Initial 42 Days Declared?

The President a few days ago declared a national lockdown that is meant to run for 42 days in a bid to curb down the spread of the COVID 19 cases.

Only a few activities deemed essential to the functioning of the state and people’s lives were left in operation under strict guidelines.

However, little is known of what will happen once the 42 days declared elapse.

There is a great fear among citizens that more days could be added especially if the current measures don’t help in reducing the spike in COVID 19 cases.

This fear has been brewed up by different sources and the President himself when he said that when he declares a bigger period of lockdown, people complain so he would therefore keep on adding a little bit of extension.

A letter has been making rounds on social media which has left people worried that the lockdown could be in for an extended period of time or even the remainder of the year.

This letter which is not known of it’s authenticity shows that it was issued by the Internal Security Organization (ISO) while registering a vehicle of the organ giving it permission to move around.

The letter also has a seemingly authentic stamp and signature from the organization’s relevant authorities.

This letter specifies that it’s validity is for six months effective 22nd June meaning that the six months would elapse in December.

It was this that worried social media users.

However some came out to say that even the earlier stickers which were issued last year had a period of 8 months but the lockdown didn’t run for that estimated time.

Written by Aine Siggy

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