Spice Diana Says She Won’t give Birth Soon Because Men Don’t Want To Look After Their kids

Songstress Namukwaya Hajarah has come out to tell why she’s not in a rush to give birth as of now.

The Tokombako singer said that men nowadays don’t want to fulfill their responsibilities which usually leaves mother’s with the responsibility of looking after the children.

She made the revelation while appearing on NBS TV’s Uncut kalakata show alongside Zahara Toto where she was a co-host for the day.

Spice made the revelation in regards to Pastor Peter Ssematimba’s case where he’s battling with his former maid over child custody.

Namatovu Joan came out this week to tell how the former MP was denying her access to the child they had sired together ten years ago

The nation was shocked on how a legally married pastor could sire a child out of wedlock.

Spice Diana who was equally shocked advised all women out there to work hard such that in case of child negligence they don’t have to cry for help from men.

“I’m not giving birth anytime soon and no one can coerce me into that. I know what these men are capable of. Anytime they can desert you leaving you as the sole provider of your family. Therefore fellow women work hard so that you don’t have to depend on men.”

Spice Diana also added that once she gets pregnant her business would be ruined because she’s the business herself.

The singer however has no publically known intimate relationship.

She has been rumored to be in an intimate relationship with her manager Roger a thing she has always come out to vehemently deny.

Written by Aine Siggy

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