Am surviving by God’s grace- Spice Diana

It’s no secret that many people have been massively affected by the COVID 19 pandemic ever since it broke out in Wuhan, China in 2019.

It spread to other parts and in Uganda, the effects started to be felt around March in 2020.

This led to a lockdown that lasted for several months.

It was later lifted although some sectors remained under lockdown.

Musicians were some of the categories that were locked and have never been permitted to work.

This is because the nature of their work requires people to gather which would greatly endanger the attendants.

These have had to look for other means of survival.

Some have resorted to performing at parties of limited people such as wedding and birthday parties among others things.

However majority have been advised to resort to online music businesses since it’s the future of entertainment.

Spice Diana who has a number of brand endorsements and has a couple of chart topping songs however too said the situation was really bad for her.

She added that she was just surviving by God’s mercy. She made the revelation during an interview with Spark TV.

“The situation hasn’t been good either for me. It’s really bad. I only get some small money from my videos on YouTube like the ‘Body’ video and others uploaded. However, this money is really small. God has just been good to me, keeping me surviving and I think it’s the same situation for most people out there.” She said.

The Kokonya singer also talked about the COVID 19 stimulus package which government has proposed to give to people termed as vulnerable.

She said this is a good move although she wondered how it will be effected to perfection because there are number of bottlenecks.

Written by Aine Siggy

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