Pastor Ssempa advises Peter Sematimba to look for salvation

Pastor Martin Ssempa of Makerere Community Church has advised Peter Sematimba to go and look for salvation.

This came after a house maid known as Joan accused Sematimba for sleeping forcing her to sleep with him and pregnanting her.

According to Pastor Ssempa its very dangerous to claim to be a pastor like Peter Ssematimba does yet he goes around sleeping with women and the maid inclusive.

Pastor Ssempa said he should first kneel down and repent to God that what he did to sleep with the maid was very wrong and again apologize to all pastors because he really ashamed all of them.

“Its very dangerous to claim that you’re a pastor yet you sleep around with many women, he should first kneel and repent to God for what he did, then apologizes to we the pastors because he really ashamed us for sleeping with a house girl. How can he even claim to be a born again yet his private parts are not? He needs to get saved however much he claims to be a pastor.” Pastor Ssempa said.

Pastor Ssempa requested people of Busiro South to never vote Ssematimba gain even if he is contesting as LC1 Chairman of his village.

He went ahead and requested the Pastors Association to dismiss him because he is no longer a pastor according to his deeds.

Written by Aine Siggy

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