Peter Ssematimba clears air on the ongoing scandal of him fathering a child from his house maid

Politician turned pastor Peter Ssematimba has come out to clear the air on the ongoing fracas surrounding him and his alleged house girl.

The nation was shocked when a one Namatovu Joan early this week ran to media houses seeking doe help.

She alleged that Ssematimba was trying to gain custody of the daughter she sired with him 10 years ago.

Namatovu added that she had been brought to work in Ssematimba’a home as a maid by the politician’s mother.

However Ssematimba started sleeping with her soon as his wife and kids jetted our of the country to the US.

This finally resulted into a daughter who now Ssematimba wanted to take over and block Namatovu from a accessng.

The super FM mogul had however not yet come out to clear the air on this issue.

However through a Facebook post posted on blogger Ray Supasra”s page, Ssematimba has rubbished Namatovu’s claim that she was his side dish.

It’s said that the two were dating and Namatovu moved into Ssematimba’s home in the mid 2000’s. This was just after his wife and kids had gone to live in the US.

It was decided that she disguises as a maid and come into the home. This was supposed to keep away suspicions from arising on who she was from the public and family members because Ssematimba had a known wife.

Their relationship however hit a snag and they separated.

Ssematimba though kept on funding all her bills because she was pregnant by then.

The post added that Namatovu was only using the maid issue only to win public sympathy and tarnish his name.

This is because she knows that when your fighting someone like Ssematimba, you need to first contaminate his public image so that everyone castigates him.

“But the lady knows very well that she was never his maid. She was his ‘shadow’ girlfriend whom he agreed with to move into his home after his family had left.” The post goes ahead to read.

It’s said almost whatever Namatovu said was fabricated such as Ssematimba calling her to scrub his back.

A showdown is expected to take place between the two to see who gains access to the child’s full custody.

Written by Aine Siggy

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