Sex organs have no status – Tamale Mirundi sides with Peter Sematimba

Political analyst and NRM strong supporter Tamale Mirundi has come out and sided with Hon Peter Sematimba on the issue of sleeping with his house girl saying sex organs have no status.

According to Tamale Mirundi no one is supposed to judge Peter Sematimba for what he did because its understandable that he is in a long distance relationship and he stays with a house girl who is a female.

Tamale Mirundi said sex will not ask if the girl is educated, has money or naïve. Peter Sematimba did no wrong to sleep with the house girl who claims to be naive because he didn’t force her the girl was willing and she also enjoyed.

“Sex organs have no status, they will not ask if your educated, have money or naïve. No one should judge Peter Sematimba for what he did because he slept didn’t sleep with a man or an animal. And everyone should understand that because we all know he is in a long distance relation.” Tamale Mirundi said.

Tamale Mirundi said sex organs are meant to do what they are supposed to do even the Kabaka looked for a wife Nabageleka and that should be clear enough to tell you Peter Sematimba didn’t do any wrong.

According to Tamale Mirundi during an interview with Kasuku Live, no married money stays for a month without having sex so this shouldn’t have surprised many that Sematimba slept with a house girl.

Written by Aine Siggy

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