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Zahara Totto names Spice Diana head of celebrities using Family Planning

NBS Television Presenter Zahara Totto has named singer Namukwaya Hajjara commonly known by her stage name Spice Diana the head of female celebrities who use Family planning.

This came after Spice Diana said she is not ready to give birth because if she does so that means she will have killed the business of which she is the business herself.

Zahara Totto said other female celebrities are busy giving birth but Spice Diana is not willing to give birth and now she is the head of those using family planning especially coil.

“Spice Diana you don’t want to give birth while other celebrities are busy giving birth. That means your now the head of female celebrities who are using family planning especially coil.” Zahara Totto said.

Spice Diana said she doesn’t care even if she is named the head of those that use coil as long as she knows what she wants and what she is doing.

She urged people to stop comparing her with Vinka in terms of giving birth because both of them have different managements and different chances.

Zahara Totto advised celebrities to give birth because there is nothing precious like having your own child.

Written by Aine Siggy

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