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I am greater than pastors – Traditional healer Mama Fina says

Traditional healer and the leader of all traditional healers in Uganda Namutebi Mama Fina has come out and said she is greater than Ugandan pastors in everything like performing miracles and helping out people.

She made the statement during an interview with NBS Television.

Following accusations of Peter Sematimba’s house girl saying he used to sleep with her and fathered her daughter, Mama Fina said this is an unholy actor unexpected from someone who says he is a pastor.

Mama Fina said at least people know she believes in traditional gods and the good thing she has managed to do great things and performed miracles of which pastors have not done. Mama Fina said no Ugandan pastor has ever done any miracle they are just thieves.

“I am greater than Ugandan pastors. I am a traditional healer but I have performed miracles that no pastor has ever done. They only focus on stealing their follower’s money rather than helping them when they are in need.” Mama Fina said.

Traditional healer Mama Fina said many pastors are like Peter Sematimba and she also assured them that she will go to heaven and leave them in hell because they are more of sinners.

Mama Fina is known as the strongest traditional healer in Uganda with a big heart of giving to the suffering and the needy.

Written by Aine Siggy

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