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Kasuku advises Record Ela Butida to be humble and respectful

TV presenter Katende Isaac commonly known as Kasuku has advised upcoming artist Makumbi Ashiraf known by his stage name Record Ela Butida to be humble and respectful if at all he wants to be successful in music.

This came after Record Ela was imprisoned with city tycoon Sipapa for unidentified reasons.

Kasuku during his daily show said Record Butida doesn’t know where he comes from the only thing he is looking for is money not minding in which way he is getting money.

Out spoken Kasuku said Butida shouldn’t think other people don’t want money. He should first ask himself why other uprising artists or celebrities don’t move with Sipapa.

“That uprising artist known as Butida should be humble and respectful. He should first ask himself why other artist don’t move with Sipapa or maybe he thinks he wants money more than any other person. My only advise to him is that he should think of his humble background first.” Kasuku said.

According to Kasuku, he has been observing Record Ela Butida and this uprising star is very disrespectful because he at one time came out and attacked him and Eddie Sendi.

He said Record should respect people he found in the industry and learn from them if not that he will not succeed.

Written by Aine Siggy

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