Spice Diana sends social media into a frenzy with semi nude pics

Local songstress left her fans gushing over a collage of photos she dropped on her social media pages.

The pics which numbered around 7 left her followers with wild and dirty intentions.

There’s no absolute doubt that the the ‘Bagikona’ singer is one of the sexiest divas in the land.

Therefore anything she does is bound to pull attention from her followers.

In the pics, the singer who is standing next to her range Rover convertible car is wearing a mask though not one for Covid 19.

She goes ahead to pull down her trousers midway and her knickers are exposed and in a bra just.

She however got mixed reactions in the comment section with some pleased and displeased fans.

“Rema will always be the best female musician in Uganda because she respects her body.” One fan showed their distaste for the pics.

“This is too much spicy, this is why Allah is punishing us, I like you but this condition we are in, we need to seek God’s mercy not to undress, kyusamu Bambi.” Another added.

“Kim Kardashian still regrets of the nudity she over did cos she said I really don’t know how my kids will take it when they grow up but I will explain to them when they grow up. Kim Kardashian reaching an extent of regretting how about you, only so called Ugandan musician. Ugandan celebrities you over copy” another added.

Majority of the fans were not pleased with the set of pics according to the comments section but the singer surely does not care about people’s opinions as long as she’s happy.

Written by Aine Siggy

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