Drama as Eddy Kenzo is forced into eating at funeral

This week B2C singer Mugisha Richard aka Mr Lee tragically lost his mother to COVID 19.

Lee’s mother who was popularly known as Nalongo pained a number of musicians such as Lydia Jasmine, Spice Diana and all the B2C singers.

These had only beautiful words to say about the deceased.

They all said she was someone who would always look out for them and give them words of encouragement.

All of them were hopeful that she would make it out of ICU alive where she had been put on oxygen.

Unfortunately, she did not make it as she succumbed to the virus.

A number of musicians such as Eddy Kenzo Bruno K, MC Mariachi, Lydia Jazmine, Spice Diana escorted the singer to the funeral of his mother which happened in Kakiri, Wakiso.

However there was drama as an anonymous man told all artistes at the funeral that they had to eat.

He went ahead to say that since they were in an hour of mourning, all of them were equal.

The man turned to Big talent boss Kenzo and told him he had to eat the porridge in the plastic cup and “katogo” served to him.

Kenzo declined to eat as he said that he had already eaten. He however finally gave in and ate a little bit.

“I have already eaten please. A certain lady served me and am full.” Kenzo pleaded.

The man would however not give up as appeared on an audio clip played on Radio Simba’s Wolokoso program.

Written by Aine Siggy

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