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Full Figure threatens to leave NRM if not paid

Presidential advisor Nakangubi Jennifer commonly known as Full Figure has threatened to leave National Resistance Movement if they don’t pay her the money she worked for during 2021 general elections.

Full Figure who was a big image in the opposition political parties National Unity Platform (NUP) led by Bobi Wine left it for the ruling party NRM and she thought she was going to make money but only she found was disappointments.

According to Full Figure president Museveni tells his people responsible to pay Full Figure but they are all thieves, they even switched off their phones. She said President Museveni has no problem but around him make him look bad.

Outspoken Full Figure said if they don’t pay her she is going to go directly to President Museveni to report them and their rotting behavior.

“If people of NRM President Museveni told to give me money fail, I am going to leave the party and I will remain supporting Museveni only. They all switched off their phones and President Museveni knows they gave me the money. But I am assuring them that if they fail I will report them directly they cant keep painting a bad picture of president yet he is a very good person.” Full Figure said.

Motor mouthed Full Figure said NRM people are so greedy and selfish they only want themselves rich yet they have done totally nothing for the party and keep pushing away the hardworking people.

She said even they few votes President Museveni got from Kampala it was her energy and hard work because Ugandans like her for her truth.

“NRM people are jealousy and selfish yet they have not done anything for the party. They only want to eat and keep pushing away the hardworking people. The few votes Museveni got from Kampala it was my energy every MP and Minister had failed.” Full Figure said.

Full Figure however said no matter how NRM people are bad, she will never go back to Bobi Wine and NUP because those are more worse and hell like.

Written by Aine Siggy

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