NTV suspends part of it’s staff over indecent video

Earlier today we ran a story of how a fan appearing via Zoom on the NTV Mix show engaged in indecent behavior.

The fan was seen rubbing his genitalia to derive sexual pleasure.

This was deemed and is inappropriate for viewers especially on national television because of the different viewers who could have been watching the show.

Now in a statement released by the Kampala Serena hotel based station, it has shown how it’s taken action in handling this matter.

The station apologised for the unfortunate event that happened.

They added how they had reported the matter to UCC to try and help them to trace this individual so as to prosecute him.

The station went ahead to fire a number of their staff responsible for the production of the show.

The director and producer fell to the sword while the rest of the workers were strongly cautioned.

However, most of the fans were not pleased with this decision citing that the suspended individuals had no control over the fan’s behavior.

Written by Aine Siggy

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