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Nubian Li allegedly smuggled a phone into Kitalya Prison

A few days ago, singer Nubian Li was released from Kitalya government prison alongside other NUP comrades where they had spent close to seven months.

The musician has however gone ahead to release some footage recorded in the prison while he was there.

He first released a pic of him with fellow comrade Eddie Mutwe and people thought it had been taken by someone legally allowed to have the phone.

However since then, Nubian has gone ahead to release more pics and videos raising question among social media users.

“Yes for those who still doubted the images I took in Kitalya Mini-Max prison, I still have more! #processbyprocess. It’s so absurd that many innocent Ugandans are still incarcerated for their political views.” Nubian posted on his Twitter page alongside a video.

Many people started questioning how he had gotten a phone into the prison.

“The first items to be released would be torture you claimed to have gone through, but how come you people came out of kitalya looking healthier than u went in?” A follower commented.

“In a very oppressive system you had the privilege to have a phone inside prison( not even in America u can have such privileges) and appointed yourself the judge to rule all criminals innocent? Thanks for the good PR the prison looks good contrary to what your people were saying.” Another added.

“So you had a phone in prison??amazing.” A follower questioned.

“So in Kitalya you had a phone.. Sorry a smart phone, you even had the privilege to charge, on some occasions some officers share some of these videos or pics with you.
My que.. Which “officers” mistreated you?
Its only in Kitalya where an inmate owns a phone.” Another user wondered.

This also attracted the attention of NBS news anchor Samson Kasumba who said that he was waiting for more proof especially that of the torture videos.

“I am waiting for the video recordings of the torture that went on there now that we know recording devices existed and were used inside the Kitalya Prison facility. Let me wait for those. Those who torture MUST be exposed and prosecuted. I do not believe in torture one bit.” Kasumba tweeted.

Kasumba went ahead to say that those excusing Nubian Li saying the phone wasn’t his and only received the pictures were being naive.

He added that Nubian Li was clear in his tweet that he took the images and recordings himself and not anybody else sent them to him.

Written by Aine Siggy

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