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People like Peter Sematimba should be castrated – Hon Miria Matembe

Former Member of Parliament Hon Miria Matembe has said people like Pastor Peter Sematimba who sleep with house helpers should be castrated.

This came after a one called Joan who was a house girl came out and accused Peter Sematimba her boss for sexually harassing her, pregnanting her and failing to look after the child at her young age.

Hon Miria Matembe said its unbelievable the way someone who calls himself a pastor and a former Member of Parliament goes around sleeping with young girls who are naive.

According to Miria Matembe, the Uganda constitution should be revised and people who sexually harras be punished by castrating them.

“People like Peter Sematimba should be castrated and that’s why Uganda’s constitution should be revised and that punishment included because girls out there are really suffering with these rich men.” Hon Miria Matembe said.

However, Miria Matembe said since that punishment is not yet up, she will continue to fight for those girls so that they get justice and shame these men.

Written by Aine Siggy

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