Fans finally unearth Eddy Kenzo’s alleged girlfriend

Ever since musician Eddy Kenzo broke up with baby mama Rema Namakula and she got married to Dr Hamza Ssebunya, fans have always demanded the Big Talent CEO to follow suit and also replace her.

However, the Mbiro mbiro singer has maintained over time that he’s single and contented.

He further asserted that marriage was something he wasn’t really looking into in the near future.

This was after rumors suggesting that he was worryingly close to fellow musicians Lydia Jasmine, spice Diana and Pia Pounds.

However these were all baseless rumors that turned out to indeed be false.

A few days ago however NBS TV gossip presenter Zahara Toto broke a story of how the singer had arranged wedding dates.

She said that she had information from a reliable inside source close to Kenzo adding that the singer was indeed seeing someone.

Celebrity city pastor, Mondo Mugisha who fled the country also came out to say that he would return to the country only for Kenzo’s wedding.

This left people guessing if indeed it was serious Kenzo was ready to move away from Rema amd single-hood.

Pictures over the weekend surfaced on the internet showing the singer with a brown beautiful lady.

Fans concluded that she was the one after a rumor had circulated some time back that his new beau wasn’t Ugandan but rather either from Rwanda or Ethiopia.

These followers were quick to start congratulating the singer.

“I wish she’s the one.” A fan commented .

“I wish she’s the one. They will have the most beautiful kids.” Another went.

“Here they match, they all look to be young.” A fan added

It’s waited to see whether the father of two will come out to confirm or rubbish the rumors.

Written by Aine Siggy

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