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Mafias hire Full Figure to abuse us – Tamale Mirundi opens up

National Resistance Movement supporter Tamale Mirundi has opened up why Full Figure who is also another NRM supporter abuses them.

This came after Full Figure came out and attacked Tamale Mirundi saying he is a hypocrite he doesn’t love President Museveni and on top of that he is also a supporter of National Unity Platform (NUP) an opposition party.

However, Tamale Mirundi said he will not reply Full Figure because they are not on the same level and on top of that Full Figure is hired by mafias he usually exposes to abuse him.

“Am not in any war with Full Figure because we’re not on the same level but the bad thing is that the Mafias we expose hire her to abuse us” Tamale Mirundi said.

Out spoken Tamale Mirundi said no one competes with him in abusing because he grew up in a family that is good at abusing.

Even some of his family members earned some money from abusing fellows in the village.

“No one can compete with me when it comes to abusing in Uganda, I come from a family of people who can abuse, my grandfather was good at abusing, my Aunt used to abuse people at the village and they used to hire her to abuse a bride til when she divorces herself, she even built a house and she got the money from abusing so she should be careful” Tamale Mirundi said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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