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Why Chameleon’s new Musicians Federation will collapse soon

Legendary Musician Joseph Mayanja commonly known by his stage name Jose Chameleon has come out and formed his own Musicians Federation that he claims will lead all artists.

Chameleon disclosed this Federation yesterday with some other few artists that he says elected him to lead them.

According to music legend Raga Dee, Jose Chameleon and his Federation will collapse soon because they have done it with negative intentions of washing away other strong associations like (UMA) Uganda Musicians Association.

Raga Dee said Chameleon and his group are jealous people after seeing UMA go forward and bring all artists together, they have decided to shut it down and God is above all it will not work.

“Chameleon and your group your jealousy people after seeing UMA grow you have decided to shut it down. But the truth is God is above all and that federation will not last for long after all its intentions are negative.” Raga Dee said.

He added on that the money Gen Salim Saleh promised them has also made different artists form different associations so that they share on that money.

However, Chameleon saysUgandan artists have been missing out on a Federation that is going to lead all the associations with the biggest association Uganda Musician Association (UMA) led by Cindy Sanyu inclusive.

“I formed the Musicians Federation with other artists to make sure we serve all Ugandan artists well. This federation that I am now leading will take on all the musicians associations UMA inclusive and its aim is to bring one voice f all artists to be heard.” Jose Chameleon said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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