Bad Black postpones her wedding due to COVID 19

COVID 19 has really irritated a number of people and disrupted their preparations.

Among these is popular city thigh vendor and faded socialite Namuyimbwa Shanitah aka Bad Black who had plans of getting married to her boyfriend Asha.

A few weeks ago Bad Black was over the moon after her young boyfriend proposed marriage to her which she gladly agreed to.

She would go on to announce plans for her big day which she described that would be one of the best ever seen in the country.

Bad Black added that the ceremony would be held on the beaches of the beautiful Zanzibar island.

She also set conditions for some of the attendants adding that unmarried people were impure and therefore wouldn’t be invited.

This is because they would bring their curses to the wedding rendering it to tears.

However, appearing in a local TV interview, Bad Black said that Covid 19 had pegged her back.

“It will happen after the lockdown, I want all the guests I invited to attend because it’s a special event in my life which needs to be,” she said in an interview with local television.” Bad Black said.

She has in the past dated a couple of men such as Messi’s Ssentongo, Rabadaba, Mr Flavor, Eric Obua among others.

Written by Aine Siggy

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