Bobi Wine calls for his nemesis Sipapa to be released

Singer turned politician Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine has come out to question why controversial socialite Sipapa is being detained without an official and legal reason.

It should be noted that around a fortnight ago, Sipapa was picked up with upcoming singer Record Ela from Makindye and taken to SID Kireka.

Record Ela was released last week leaving Sipapa behind bars.

His lawyers have failed to access him since then and were told that he had been arrested on the orders of the director of Crime prevention.

With all the mess and havoc he had wrecked on the Kamwokya based Fire base and NUP proteges, Bobi Wine was expected to be the last person to question Sipapa’s whereabouts.

Sipapa last year disrupted NUP meetings after he fired bullets in Kamwokya and continued to mock Bobi Wine’s camp since he had crossed to NRM.

He even earlier this year mocked Bobi Wine for failing to pay his taxes after his armoured car had been confiscated by URA.

Sipapa asked URA to sell the car to him because Bobi Wine couldn’t afford to maintain new cars as he’s always bought used ones.

Bobi Wine though criticising Sipapa for his impunity said he deserved a fair and legal trial than being jailed with no official reason.

He went ahead to say that Sipapa should be another example out there to those who work with President Museveni.

You are disposed off after serving your purpose which even leaves people hating you for siding with their oppressor.

“That said I’m calling for Sipapa’s production in court so that he faces his charges before a competent court. Like all citizens, he is entitled to a free and fair trial even if he rejoiced when others were being unlawfully arrested and tortured.” Bobi Wine posted.

Kyagulanyi added that he knew Sipapa would continue to do the same or worse things if he was released because those being used by the government never learn.

He however said that it was their duty to remedy the wrongs of society regardless of which political affiliations.

Written by Aine Siggy

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