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Government should employ people they use in election period – Kasuku

Media personality Katende Isaac commonly known as Kasuku has said government needs to pay these people they use during the election period especially those that are known by public.

These came after Full Figure, Isma Oalaxess came out in the media and revealed how they were not paid. Full Figure said he lost her business and friend just because he was supporting NRM which is in government.

Kasuku said they are tired of these people’s noise in the media every time crying to government to pay them. Government should put them on pay roll and give them offices too.

“We are tired of seeing these people that worked for NRM during elections making for us noise every time because they were not paid. Government should employ them and give them offices like any other people in government.” Kauku said.

Out spoken Kasuku said government should stop looking down on these people like Full Figure because they are known and the work they did was so effective in the concluded elections.

Written by Aine Siggy

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