MC Kats will forever be in my life – Fille opens up

Musician Fille Mutoni opened up about her life with ex boyfriend Edwin Katamba commonly known as MC Kats saying he will forever be in her life.

This came after the two bitterly separated and Fille went ahead and spilled their relationship secrets.

However they now look to have come to an understanding and now the same page after Fille came out and said she sees MC Kats every time she wants because MC Kats made her what she is and will always be in her life.

“Me and MC Kats have a string bond. We have a daughter together and I am what I am because of him. MC Kats will forever be in my life.” Fille said.

MC Kats has been Fille’s boyfriend and at the same time her music manager.

After the two separated, MC Kats said he will remain her music manager but Fille looks to have got another management although she said its MC Kats that got her that management.

It should be noted that MC Kats is now in a relation with a media personality known as Caroline Marcha. The two have been spotted on different accassions together having fun.

Written by Aine Siggy

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