What is so special about your items? Fans question Abryanz

Fans have for a long time questioned why fashion designer Abryanz sells his items at very high prices yet most of his stuff appears to be weird to them.

These claim that the the stuff he sells has no difference with those sold downtown at almost much less than the price he sells his at.

He’s been likened to American rapper Kanye West who through his Yeezy brand sells his merchandise at unreasonably high prices.

Abryanz though is not about to lower his prices for the ordinary Ugandan and if you can’t afford them, better you slope downtown.

The fashion star has become the face of the Ugandan fashion industry even pulling the African and global stage at large.

A lot of his merchandise however has always left followers amused on how he can sell such stuff to people and they gladly buy it at those exorbitant fees.

However most of his customers are celebrities and socialites who can afford the stuff and do not complain.

His followers were at it again after he posted a bag dubbed as ‘Matt faux beige body bag’ costing for Ugx 250,000.

They took to asking how one in his sane minds can purchase such an item for that outrageous price.

“Bro y is ur shit so expensive moreover from home base…kati who buys it on international market.” A fan wondered.

“That Mula…I can’t buy sorry bro.” Another went.

“I would rather donate this money to the poor then go to heaven.” Another user commented showing their disagreement with the product’s price.

“Baags made from heaven.” Another follower wondered.

The fashion stylist is not bothered by these comments and continues to release controversial merchandise onto the market.

Written by Aine Siggy

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