Lydia Jasmine and Ykee Benda reportedly get married after a pic leaks

Social media has been ablaze after a photo of singers Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda and Nabawanukka Lydia aka Lydia Jazmine made it’s way to the internet.

The two can be seen in attires and a setting for traditional wedding popularly known as Kukyala.

It’s no secret that both musicians are single. Lydia Jazmine has been linked to a number of men especially fellow singers Fik Fameika, Eddy Kenzo and recently Grenade official.

These have all however turned out to be rumors.

Ykee Benda on the other hand too is single after his baby mama moved back to her parents house a few months ago.

Jazmine has had a close relationship with the Superman singer and even worked on a song with Mpaka records Dre Cali.

Ykee Benda has also been caught a number of times on social media crushing on the Masukka singer’s pictures.

However with different stunts that entertainers have pulled off in the past, fans were quick to label this as either a stunt or new video loading.

“It’s a song on the Kirabo album.” A fan said in regards to Ykee Benda’s upcoming album.

“This ain’t real, it must be some new music video.” Another fan said.

“Artists are good in stunts nowadays.” A fan posted to show their disbelief.

“It will end in tears as it has always been.” A fan who believed that the two had indeed done a Kukyala said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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