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Peter Sematimba used to sleep with teachers – Housemaid continues to expose him

Pastor Peter Sematimba’s housemaid known as Joan has continued to expose him saying he used to sleep with his senior six teachers who came to teach him from home.

Peter Sematimba did his senior six exams in 2019.

During an interview with NBS Television, the maid said Peter Sematimba is not an easy man. He sleeps with every woman to the extent that when he decided to do senior six exams, teachers came to teach him from home but still he slept with them.

The worst thing is that the maid said that he used to sleep with women in presence of their young daughter and it’s the daughter who used to tell the maid that her dad has been sleeping with the teachers that have been teaching him.

“When Peter decided to do his senior six exams in 2019 teachers used to come and teach him from home. But to see that he is not easy, he slept with those teachers in presence of our daughter because she is the one that told me that dad has been sleeping with teachers.” Joan the maid said.

This came after Peter’s housemaid last week came out and said, Sematimba has been sleeping with her since 2005 and they have a child together. But that not being a problem, he took the child with him and denied the mother to see the child.

It should be noted that Sematimba’s wife lives in the US with all their children.

Written by Aine Siggy

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