Kalifah AgaNaga promises to cane Bebe Cool and his son

Gone are the days when musician Sadat Mukiibi aka Kalifah AgaNaga spoke musically, rather now it’s through words and more even unserious ones.

He resorted to politics which he badly struggled to make a breakthrough and finally failed.

He’s also been into music production hanging with and promoting Fresh Kid’s father Fresh Daddy who also failed.

In a bid to garner attention, he’s come out to threaten singer Bebe Cool and his son Allan Hendricks.

The Oyitangayo singer accused Allan of disrespecting him and asked Bebe Cool to advise his son to get off him.

Kalifah also went ahead to demand an apology from the Gagamel prodigies.

“Dear Mr Bebe Cool the father of Allan, advise your son to leave Kalifah AgaNaga alone, and tell him that I want an apology. If he wants a musical battle with me am available and am inviting you Mr Bebe Cool to be the referee, the venue should be Kiwatule.” Kalifah posted on his Facebook page.

Kalifah also went ahead to diss Allan for channeling into reggae music which the Bad character CEO feels is an outdated genre.

AgaNaga promised to write songs for Allan and make him a star since he’s been struggling musically for some years now despite being the son of one of Uganda’s best musicians.

It’s not the first time Kalifah is clashing with the Ssali family.

He got into a brawl with Allan last year at Fame Lounge after he (Allan) accused him if always disrespecting his father Bebe Cool.

Written by Aine Siggy

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