Where is Buganda Kingdom in the fight against COVID 19? Bebe Cool questions

Musician Big Size Bebe Cool has come out to question the role of Buganda Kingdom in the fight against COVID 19.

According to the singer, leaders in Mengo have not played their role as it should have been in such trying times.

Uganda has been suffering from the effects of the corona virus pandemic that hit the world from 2019 up to now.

In Uganda, the effects started being felt last year around March when the first presidential lockdown was declared.

Although the entire country is on a lockdown and feeling the effects, it’s the central region/Buganda that has been hit the most.

This can be attributed to it’s populous nature since it’s home to all walks of life.

It’s from this that Bebe Cool thinks the kingdom should be at the forefront of fighting COVID 19.

The Love you everyday singer himself has been a victim of the virus indirectly after his wife Zuena Kirema suffered from the virus both last year and this year.

Bebe thinks that Buganda government has a lot of money and therefore should do more.

“I haven’t seen any leader from Mengo donating even Ugx 100 to any one. Buganda as a kingdom has money. They get a lot of money from ground rent and all sorts of avenues. Where is Mengo in the fight against COVID 19 that’s eating up it’s subjects?” Bebe Cool said.

A lot of individuals and companies have come out to help the government in the fight against COVID 19.

These have done so in form of money, food, creating awareness and other resources.

Buganda kingdom however last year donated Ugx 100 million to the government.

Written by Aine Siggy

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