Meet the cat that served as mayor in the US

The world is full of some of the most bizarre things you probably might have never had of.

As some people fight so hard to hold political power and even get to the extent of killing others, a certain cut in the Alaskan town of Talkeetna was elected as the mayor of the town.

Crazy it does sound, but it’s true. This small town had a population of around 772 people in 2000.

They decided to elect a cat known as Stubbs as their mayor.

The town though had never had a political mayor and the title bestowed upon Stubb’s was honorary.

Stubbs who was orange in color was born on the 12 of April 1997.

He occupied this position from 2000 until his death in July 2020 aged 20 years.

You might as well say he was a mayor for life and his position was uncontestable.

Stubbs became very well known and even became a tourist attraction for the small town.

He used to pull around 30-40 tourists on a daily basis.

Stubb’s was not your ordinary usual cat as he used to go to a nearby restaurant every afternoon to drink water laced with catnip out of a wineglass or margarita glass.

He was also used in the protests against the US Senate race of 2014 as people were encouraged to write his name on the ballot papers.

Written by Aine Siggy

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