Video: Alleged Diana Nabatanzi sextape divides social media

A video has been making rounds on social media especially on Twitter which is the mother of almost all leaked sex tapes in Uganda.

According to the rumors, it allegedly belongs to BBS TV presenter and Yoleesa Ekitone judge Diana Nabatanzi.

The lady in the video just does look like Nabatanzi but some fans are convinced it’s not her but rather someone is trying so hard to tarnish her name.

She has in the past few weeks and months been in the news due to failed romance with Masaka based tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa.

Lwasa has made it a point to shame Nabatanzi whenever he gets a chance.

He even threatened to release her nudes and sextape some time back because she chewed alot of his money with no tangible returns.

Some of the fans comments are included below on their different opinions.

“I watched the video yesterday but she’s not the one.” A user defended Nabatanzi

“Nebweba yiiye, waliwo wano gwebatajangamu mpale, mutujjeko negative energy instead of praying to God that we get posho and beans in this lockdown muli ku Diana who has chicken in her fridge saved.” A displeased fan went.

” I watched it and according to the video hope she didn’t know that she was being recorded and that’s life in a relationship you have to enjoy.” Another fan said.

“That’s not Diana Nabatanzi in the vid even if they resemble. It’s a Habib Show porn video.” A follower came to Nabatanzi’s defence.

“Diana nabatanzi has a bigger head than that in the video Woozy face
I actually watched that video in 2018 when I still watch p*rn.” A Twitter user let Nabatanzi off the hook.

It’s said that the video was outsourced from a Nigerian porn site and it’s not Nabatanzi in it.

However lets leave it to you to make your own conspiracy theory whether it’s her or not.

Written by Aine Siggy

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