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Almost all artists go to statehouse for money – Catherine Kusasira

Musician and Presidential advisor Catherine Kusasira has revealed that almost all Ugandan artists receive money from Statehouse.

She made the statement during an interview with NBS Uncut Sabula.

According to Catherine Kusasira, many hide behind the cameras and go to meet President Museveni, but the only problem with them is that after receiving money they start abusing president Museveni and his government for doing nothing.

“Many Ugandan artists go to statehouse to pick money. They think we don’t know just because they go without cameras they should know that we know everything only we don’t want to disclose them.” Catherine Kusasira said.

However, Kusasira said if at all they continue abusing President Museveni, she will need to expose them to the public.

Kusasira said it should be clear that all the artists that have been MPS in parliament all once supported President Museveni .

Written by Aine Siggy

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