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Isma Oalaxess regrets supporting NRM party

National Resistance Movement (NRM) blogger Isma Oalaxess has come out and showed his regret of supporting the ruling party.

Isma and Full Figure have rebuked the NRM topguns for failing to meet part of their deal since election period ended at in January 2021. They reckon that they have never been paid nor appreciated by the concerned personalities whom they campaigned for in the elections.

According to Oalaxess, NRM people are selfish, greedy and look like distutite.

Isma said he wishes he had supported NUP or any other opposition political party knowing he was not going to earn from it and.

“I wish I had supported NUP because people of NRM don’t appreciate. Did you see anyone in one of the swearing in parties of NRM? That clearly shows who they are.” Isma Oalaxess said.

Isma said he thought he will earn a lot and build himself as a man despite the hate that came with elections but the only thing that came his way was begging as if he doesn’t have hands to work.

Written by Aine Siggy

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